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Color Coded Filing Is Still The Best System!
We know these colored filing systems are still being used because we still get lots of orders for them! In fact, several customers are going away from paperless systems and going back to paper filing systems! Specifically our AAK Colored filing system. Going paperless didn’t speed up efficiency only slowed them down. The cost was 30 times more
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Rotating Shelving/Rotating Cabinet

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Allied Systems Products is celebrating over 35 years of leadership in the Times Two (X2) rotating cabinet industry! Whether your filing system is for file folders or for any type of media storage, Allied Systems Products can help design the best space saving solution. Below is a brief description about the HIPAA compliant Times Two rotating shelving cabinet. If you have further questions about the Times Two (Rotating Shelving) or any other shelving products questions, please don't hesitate to contact our friendly staff toll free at 1-800-877-8038.

HIPAA compliant Times Two, rotating shelving, rotating cabinet one starter one add-on
Dimensions of a Times Two, Rotating Shelving, Rotating Cabinet Times Two Speed File® Rotating Shelving/Rotating Cabinet
A double-depth, fully
lockable file cabinet that
rotates for access from
one or both sides.
Increases your filing
capacity by 40-100%
over single-depth storage
Times Two Speed Files (Rotating Shelving) are flexible, space-efficient HIPAA compliant and secure. The rotating cabinet has dozens of options and accessories to store folders, computer accessories and supplies, as well as pharmaceuticals. Express shipments available, 2–5 days.

Designing of the space for a rotating cabinet, rotating shelving, Times Two
Times Two Space Planning
One 7-tier Rotating Cabinet stores almost as much as three
4-drawer lateral and requires less floor space.

Use Times Two (Rotating Shelving)
  • In alcoves for recessed storage
  • Positioned back-to-back
  • Under low windows to utilize wasted space
  • Between workstations for shared files.

  • Mobile Rotating File Cabinet
    The new Rotating Shelving Caster Kit. This unique accessory turns Times-2/Rotating Cabinet into a mobile cabinet that's quick and easy to move for all sorts of applications including: Collaborative work areas, Hoteling stations, Library work centers, Classroom rotation, School nurse’s stations.
    The kit installs on new X2 units or on existing units and fits Letter or Legal 2-Tier to 5-Tier sizes.
    Rotating Shelving Caster Mobile Kit

    Foot Pedal or Hand Release
    With rotating file cabinet, versatility is the name of the game: so many accessories, styles, and sizes to fit a ton of storage needs for many markets.
    It's Your Choice. The X2 (rotating file cabinet) features a choice of two access options as standard, the Foot Pedal or Hand Release. Both provide an important built-in safety feature we call Positive Position Control. Positive Position Control ensures a controlled and positive stop every quarter turn. It prevents rotational momentum that can occur with other low cost units that are free spinning push models. A fully loaded unit without this safety feature can be unsafe. Most competitors do not offer this safety feature that is standard on there rotating file cabinet. So whether you prefer Times-2 (rotating file cabinet) with a Foot Pedal or Hand Release, you can count on the same level of safety no matter what.
    Rotating File Cabinet foot pedal access
    Foot Pedal
    Rotating File Cabinet Hand Push Accessory
    Hand Release

    The foot pedel is the most common standard. The hand release is a good solutions when pushing a foot pedal is not an option for a member of the staff.

    GSA rotating shelving, GSA Times Two, GSA rotating cabinet      Made in the USA Rotating shelving, Made in the USA Times Two, Made in the USA rotating cabinet

    Colors & Options
    Gloss-TekTM Powder Coat Colors
    Times Two's are available
    in seven heights:

    2 tier - 29 3/4”
    3 tier - 41 5/8”
    4 tier - 50 3/8”
    5 tier - 60 7/8”
    6 tier - 71 3/8”
    7 tier - 82”
    8 tier - 92 1/2”
    Secure wardrobe Times Two Rotating Cabinet

    Times Two Wardrobe Kit
    This rotating cabinet accessory creates storage for
    personal items such as coats, purses, shoes,
    lunches and books.

    Times Two Rotating Shelving Accessory Rollout out Drawer with FrameRollout Drawer with Hanging Folder Frame
    Times Two will handle all of your hanging folder requirements. Drawers can be stacked 1 per tier for complete hanging folder storage.
    Times Two Rotating Shelving Accessory Rollout DrawerRollout CD Drawer
    Drawer front and back are slotted every 1/2 inch for adjustability. Drawer divider runs the full depth. Adjustable slotted drawers allow for easy storage of CD’s, videotapes, microfilm, microfiche, index cards or checks.
    Times Two Rotating Shelving Accessory Reference ShelfRollout Refere-
    nce Shelf

    Our most popular access-
    ory. The 5-, 6-, 7-, and 8- tier models accept the Rollout Reference Shelf with no loss of filing inches when used with standard shelves.
    Times Two Rotating Shelving Accessory Tube Drawer or Security DrawerSecurity Drawer
    ential docum-
    ents stay safe and secure. The drawer features double key lock and recessed drawer front.

    Weapons Rotating Storage Cabinet
    Weapons Rotating Cabinet is a dual sided flexiblity and secure weapons rotating storage cabinet that can store up to 40 rifles or 198 handguns in no more than 12 square feet of floor space. The weapon rotating cabinet is modular interchangable for all your weapons needs. Please call Allied for more information.
    Weapons rotating storage cabinet
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